Regrow your hair

Regrow your hair


Hair loss has the ability to affect many of us at different stages of our life’s. Both women and men have to deal with this undesirable situation that affects both your confidence and how old you look.  There are many routes that can be taken to address hair-loss, surgery, chemicals, shampoos and much more. Esthelis Clinic has found a solution, where you don’t need to go through surgery or pain to get amazing results.

The solution for hair growth is here! At an affordable price for everyone. Our innovative and unique “Integral solution for hair loss” can help you regrow hair, stop hair loss and gain your confidence back.

  • See results in just 2-3 months
  • Without any risk of surgery and scars.
  • No recovery time
  • painless
  • Our revolutionary product is applied with a needless injection has not. No pain

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In as little as 3 sessions you will be able to see unbelievable results.

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How does it work?


We use innovative technology to ensure that our clients feel NO PAIN during the procedure. It is common to apply our product to the scalp using a needle injection, but Esthelis Clinic uses a needle-free injection that removes any possibility of pain.  The product is applied to the areas where you want to re grow hair by our specialist. In as little as 2-3 months you will see new hairs growing, while stopping hair loss. Our product is applied easily and it cost a fraction of other hair regrowth methods. We recommend at least 3 sessions and over 5 sessions to see better results.