Platelet-Rich Plasma


This procedure is completely natural and uses your own blood to treat wrinkles and fine lines.  Platelet rich plasma is extracted from your own blood and added with vitamins and amino acids to release the growth factor.  When needed, growth hormones can be added at our laboratory after taking 15-20 ml of your blood, and the treated blood is carefully injected in your face using micro needle, or if you prefer, the needle free injection is also available for this application.  This treatment also works to prevent hair loss and promotes regrowth of hair, by applying the treated blood to the scalp.


What else can Platelet-Rich Plasma Skin Therapy do for me?
Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy helps with improving the healing of scars, wrinkles, and any other cutaneous damage, active hydration of the skin, increased brightness and radiance, by stimulating the skin it helps to increase cellular growth.
When is this technique used?
This technique is used when it is necessary to improve the skin profile: the face, neck, decolletè, arms and hands, the inner thighs and early hair loss. Originally invented by a dentist to treat receding gums, Dr. Sister’s approach concentrates on the skin areas,” a post on Dr. Sister’s official webpage reads.
How long does this procedure usually take?
The procedure takes only a few minutes and is not nearly as painful as one may assume. The procedure has two types of shots. The first is to have many injections to the superficial layers of the skin, which are done in about 10 minutes. The second are a smaller series that go deeper into the skin, including areas such as the eyes, the mouth and the forehead. There is no bleeding once the entire thing is done. The patient may have mild redness and a sensation of numbness. Results will be visible the next day and continue to improve over several weeks.

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