Studies have demonstrated that carboxytherapy improves skin elasticity, improves circulation, encourages collagen repair, and destroys localized fatty deposits.  Carboxytherapy can be used to treat the eyelids, face, neck, arms, stomach, buttocks, and legs.  CDT is a stand alone technique, but it can be combined with all other cosmetic and surgical techniques that we offer. Results are seen after just a few sessions.

What are some ways Esthelis Clinic uses carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy can be used for the treatment of stretch-marks, dark under-eye, non-surgical fat sculpting on the face circles,  and cellulite reduction.

What other benefits can occur from using carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy also  increases collagen formation in the skin, allowing it to have a younger appearance.

What is the effect of carboxytherapy on stretchmarks?

Stretchmarks take place when your skin is stretched to the point where the dermal collagen ruptures, using Carboxytherapy causes  new collagen to form as well as it thickens the skin to improve the appearance of the stretchmarks, which rebuilds the collagen matrix.

How does carboxytherapy work for fat reduction and cellulite?

Carbon dioxide gas is directly toxic to fat cells, so when it is injected through a specific technique, the fat cells burst and are eliminated by the body.

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